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Volume 28 Issue 1 volume 28 issue 2

The Autoharp Quarterly is the magazine which is by, for, and about autoharp enthusiasts.

Inside, find songs, lessons, tips, and a variety of information for improving your playing and help you maintain your instrument.
Find stories about your favorite players and your favorite places to play, read up on the festivals. The list of what you find here is long.

When you sign up with the Autoharp Quarterly, you become a member rather than a subscriber, and a world of music is waiting for you.

The AQ is published four times a year, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.


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In the Spring 2017 issue of Autoharp Quarterly, the music for "Whispering" was inadvertently omitted from the article "Non-standard Chords for Chromatic Autoharp" by James Weed.  The music is shown here with a revised selection of chord bars, including 5 non-standard chords A+, G+, Dm7, Am6, and Fm6;  Am7 has been replaced where it appeared in the music with Am6.  This allowed for a much better arrangement of chords on the autoharp:

Do7       A+       G+      G7      D7     A7      E7
Co7       F         C         G        D        A        B7
C#o7    Dm7   Am6   Em     Bm     F#m    Fm6

Click Here For The Music "Whispering"

Click here for The True History Of The Autoharp by Ivan Stiles, Volume 3, Number 3


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