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Write an article for the AQ

The Autoharp Quarterly is by, for and about autoharp folks like you. Many of you have interesting ideas, projects, autoharp related knowledge etc. which may be of interest to the autoharp community. Maybe you have started a jamming group or are part of a festival in your area. Maybe you have specific knowledge on a topic which will relate to others like you in the autoharp world, professional or ameteur.

Take the time to submit an article for publication in your magazine.

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Guidelines for submissions to the Autoharp Quarterly

We are pleased and grateful to receive submissions from our Autoharp Quarterly (AQ) membership and volunteer staff. Though we cannot publish every submission in the magazine, we intend to publish others in a blog style area on the Autoharp Quarterly website.
COPYRIGHT- The Autoharp Quarterly cannot accept any work of any media which is not the original work of the person or persons submitting it, unless: 1. The work submitted is in the public domain, or 2. The person or persons submitting the work have obtained all necessary permissions. As a general rule, we do not publish articles which have been previously published.
All work published in the magazine and on the website, in print or recorded media, is automatically published under copyright.  Submissions to the AQ will be automatically considered as joint copyright between the AQ and the person or persons submitting the work, unless the work is published by permission or within the public domain as stated above. The authors of submitted original work retain all rights pertaining to said work outside the AQ magazine and website. The AQ retains the right to publish in either or both the AQ magazine and website. The AQ retains the right to edit the work as needed.
ACCEPTABLE FORMS OF SUBMISSION- On the AQ website we intend to publish submissions in the written form, and recordings of music in the public domain, original music, or music for which specific permission has been obtained. Below are general guidelines for submissions to the website and/or magazine, though we will work with folks with varying capabilities. However, if you can, these guidelines will make our work much easier.
Submissions of recorded music are best given in MP3 format, either by email attachment or on a CD. In the future we may expand to include video submissions.
Written articles should be in WORD if possible, or in the body of an email. The script should be single spaced with four spaces to indicate paragraphs. There should be single spaces after periods. Type can be in any common font, though it will appear in print with the default font of the magazine. Emphasizing with bold or italics is O.K. Emphasizing with caps is discouraged.
Pictures, graphics, designed titles, signatures, drawings, printed music etc. are highly encouraged, but must be submitted as separate high resolution files. Scanned photos, graphics and music notation do not work for us. Music notation works best when it is saved directly from your notation program as a PDF file. Placement of graphics, when critical to articles, should be noted within the article or in notes separate from the article.
Formatting, other than letting us know where to put graphics, should be left to us.
Submissions may be just a few words, up to a total of three pages including graphics. Longer articles may be appropriate on occasion. For general estimating, the magazine will be published with standard fonts in size 11 or 12.
Questions, comments and ideas regarding all of the above are very welcome.

Guidelines For Written Music Submissions to the Autoharp Quarterly

There are many computer music notation programs for writing simple lead sheets and such. The use of one of these produces the most printable music sheets. We cannot open all of these programs, so submission in PDF file form is essential for us to be able to print what you have written. If you have trouble with this file form, contact us for help to do this.
When writing music with both the main chords used for a song and the chords used to play the melody, we need to have the main chords distinguished from the melody chords. You can do this by circling the main chords if your program allows, or by emphasizing these with larger type in bold.
Some folks prefer to submit music with autoharp tab describing strokes, pinches, plucks etc. We ask that the guidelines outlined in The Autoharp Book (Becky Blackley) be used. These guidelines were arrived at as a collaboration between several autoharp teachers, and will serve well. If you do not have a copy of this book, I can send you a PDF file of this single page.

Guidelines for pictures submitted to the Autoharp Quarterly

Pictures are a wonderful addition to any article or presentation in the AQ, and we welcome submissions from all corners of the autoharp world.

  • Each image should be unique and unpublished. If you do not own the image, we must have explicit permission to use it from the owner, and we rely on you to make sure such permission is in place.
  • Images whenever possible should be submitted in a high resolution digital form as a jpeg, tif, pdf, or Photoshop image.
  • We can receive digital files sent as attachments to email, or on a disc or thumb drive which can be returned to the owner.
  • When choosing pictures to submit, try to find those which would have a wide appeal.
  • Avoid faces which are turned away from the camera, or subjects which are distant in the image. We do not need posed pictures, but a good photographer will find positions which capture the appeal of any setting.
  • Pictures which try to focus on a large gathering can work, but often must be passed by. When a picture is sized into a publication, it is often too difficult to appreciate what otherwise might be meaningful.

A word about the cover shot-
We are frequently asked to use particular images for the cover of the magazine, or to find images of persons or events which appear in articles.
Our sincere desire is to promote those people and events which are important to the autoharp community. We welcome and encourage you to send us your best material; however we cannot promise to use any particular image or an image of a specific person or event on the cover.
Besides the gathering and evaluating of all our content, a current event can supersede any previously considered material.
Our decision is based on all we have available to us when we are getting ready to go to print, and is usually a decision which is made shortly before sending the AQ to the printer.

Questions, comments and ideas regarding all of the above are very welcome.
The staff at the Autoharp Quarterly




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