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Autoharp repairs

See shipping address below.
For help on how to ship an autoharp, find an article here: howtocorner

We can also help evaluate your needs and your instrument by phone prior to shipping, to help avoid problems.


To set up a repair please contact us at

1-800-630-HARP (4277)


Below is pricing for common repairs.

Pete Repairing Autoharp Saeid  John Tuning Autoharp

String change, includes price of new strings, Materials and Labor,
includes clean-up and inspection of autoharp.

Most autoharps - $185.00

Autoharps with O.S. type fine tuners - $210.00

New felts, installed and cut, Materials and Labor, includes inspection of autoharp.

21 bar Autoharp - $150.00

15 bar Autoharp- $110.00

12 bar Autoharp - $90.00

Individual bars - $9.00 per bar

21 Bar Oscar Schmidt Conversion kit installed, all parts included.  Action and noise reduction included, bars set up to our default Bryan Bowers style layout, or to your specifications.


Add $30.00 to have the Ab, Bb7 and Cm changed to Bm, F#m and E to enhance keys of D & A.

Magnetic pick-up installed with internal wiring and 1/4" jack on side of autoharp, all parts and labor included.
Bench time, most repairs not priced above
$75.00 per hour


Contact us with any questions:
d’Aigle Autoharps And Folk Instruments
19106 Des Moines memorial Drive S
SeaTac, WA   98148

1-800-630-HARP (4277)