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Here are a few links to our autoharp and music related friends.
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*At d'Aigle Autoharps, we are proud to be partners with the

California Autoharp Gathering  http://californiaautoharp.com

The California Autoharp Gathering is an all-inclusive festival, with motel-style lodging rooms, dormitories, camping & RV space, a first class dining facility, concerts, workshops, an excellent youth activity program, swimming, hiking, clean air, and the best weather of the year!
You will find the best performers in the country here, thanks to director Mike Mueller, who consistently puts together one of the best festivals in the country!



*Every year we donate a top of the line d'Aigle Autoharp as a prize for the Autoharp Championship at the

Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering  http://www.mlag.org

The Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering brings together autoharp enthusiasts from around the world for four days of workshops, concerts and 'round the clock music-making. The Gathering features concerts and workshops from some of the folk world's best musicians -- and they come just because no matter what they're famous for, they also happen to play the autoharp!



*Near the end of each July, you'll find us at the

North West Autoharp Gathering  http://www.nwautoharp.org/

Welcome to the North West Autoharp Gathering, held  near Portland, OR. Come to Gasten for a a weekend with some of the world's foremost autoharpers, and enjoy the amazing environment along with the best in autoharp teaching and entertainment!  Participate in three fun-filled days of workshops, concerts, and jamming, visiting, camping, etc.


*Every year we donate a top of the line d'Aigle Autoharp as a prize for the International Autoharp Championship at the

Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield Kansas  http://www.wvfest.com


Subscribe to the Autoharp Quarterly  http://daigleharp.com/autoharpquarterly.html

Subscribe to a friendly and informative online autoharp group  http://www.autoharp.org

Cathy Britell, A Northwest Treasure!  Here she is:  http://www.larkpoint.com

The Seattle Autoharp Week has four of the best players/teachers in the country!  http://www.seattleautoharpweek.com

Check out the Country Music Hall Of Fame Here.


PianoPlayerWorld - Have you always wanted to learn how to play the piano? Get your free resources here. 




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