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Desert Rose And Eagle Autoharp

*NEW* View Our d'Aigle Beginner's Package With A Desert Rose Autoharp!

If you are looking for a full bodied autoharp with deep resonant tone, volume enough to compete with any instrument in the band, fine tuners, and the craftsmanship found in a d'Aigle autoharp and...

A price previously unattainable in an instrument of this quality,

Welcome to the Desert Rose.

The Desert Rose is a design concept quite different from any other on the market.  It is built on the same frame as our other 'harps, and has our d'Aigle fine tuners and light action mylar spring system.  It plays fast and quiet like our other models.

The top and back are instrument grade Okume  ply, made in France.  The frame and exposed edge are maple pin block.  This coupled with innovative acoustic bracing have produced an autoharp which has exceeded our expectations.

The Desert Rose is an affordable autoharp with everything you expect from a much more expensive instrument. 

We introduced the Desert Rose at the 2006 Willamette Valley Autoharp gathering, where it received rave revues from performers and attendees.

These are available with built in magnetic pick-up, lock bars, your favorite set-up or our default Bryan Bowers style set-ups. 
Also available in nine, twelve and eighteen bar set-ups, chromatic and diatonic.

The sound of this autoharp is guaranteed to blow your socks off, and we believe the Desert Rose to be the best value by far in this price range.

As with all our products, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

The Desert Eagle is essentially the same as the Desert Rose except for the art work. 

The Desert eagle is available in chromatic or diatonic, priced the same as the Desert Rose with the same options available.

Now No Interest Layaway Plans On All d'Aigle Harps.

 *See Order Form And Price List Below*

What Makes The d'Aigle Autoharps Unique


21 Bar Chromatic Desert Rose

d'Aigle Desert Rose

21 Bar Chromatic Desert Eagle

d'Aigle Desert Eagle

Desert Rose And Desert Eagle Pricing


Standard on all Desert Rose & Desert Eagle model d'Aigle 'harps:

  • Our patented Flat Line fine tuning system
  • Mylar spring system
  • Never warp extrusion chord bars
  • Composite frame bracing
  • The big sound for the small price
  • Art decoration and rosette
  • Set-ups in chromatic and diatonic
  • Built-in leg rest
  • Strap buttons installed or sent with your order
  • Limited Lifetime warranty for defects in materials or manufacturing
    (does not cover strings or felts, normal wear, or damage caused at consumer end, including environmental damage).

Pricing for the Desert Rose & Desert Eagle with case:

12 or 15 Bar - $1,360.00
18 Bar - $1,405.00
21 bar - $1,449.00

Some of the Optional Features:

Extra chord bars ordered with purchase, cut or uncut felt, each

1-5 $25.00 each, 6-10 $20.00 each,
10+ $15.00 each

Lock bar sliders installed for lock bars $20.00 extra, each bar
Extra chord bars with lock bars, each $40.00
Built-in electronic magnetic pick-up $198.00
Clear pick-guard $25.00
Case: Comes Stock with d'Aigle Soft Shell Case. You may upgrade to a hard-shell case for $64.00.

For other options,
See Autoharp Cases 

You may contact us directly, or begin an order by filling in the order form below.  
We require a $200.00 deposit, the balance due when the 'harp is ready to ship.  You may contact us directly to put down a deposit by check or credit card, or you may pay with the 'Add to Cart' button located below the order form. 
You may also pay on a "Lay Away" plan if desired.
We do ask for payment before shipping.  Shipping costs for an autoharp will vary, and during cold months we ship 2nd day air for safety.  Average shipping costs run between $40 and $120 dollars, including packaging and insurance, depending on where you are and whether we ship ground or air. Out of country shipping varies.
After submitting the form we will be in contact with you shortly to discuss the entire process.  You are not tied in, you can make any changes, additions or deletions before we confirm the order.


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Contact us with any questions:
d’Aigle Autoharps And Folk Instruments
19106 Des Moines memorial Drive S
SeaTac, WA   98148

1-800-630-HARP (4277)