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Autoharp customization

We love to do  custom work for customers who would like to have a very personalized autoharp.  We have many options and capabilities, and we can work with the customer to accomplish a variety of looks.  Pictured her are a few examples of work we have done. 
Some of the designs have special significance to the owners, such as the "Crown of Thorns" inlay work or the art work depicting Colorado's state bird, tree and flower.


Autoharp Hammer
Wave Autoharp
sunburst tlc autoharp     sunburst tlc autoharp
colorado autoharp
Piano Autoharp
neilson harold Autoharp
Padouk Autoharp
Thorns Autoharp
F hole Autoharp
Black Autoharp
Fairy Autoharp
Rose Autoharp
Cascade Autoharp
Cascade Autoharp
Cascade Autoharp


Contact us with any questions:
d’Aigle Autoharps And Folk Instruments
19106 Des Moines memorial Drive S
SeaTac, WA   98148

1-800-630-HARP (4277)