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OS Autoharps


Oscar Schmidt Autoharps

from A Different Drummer

Oscar Schmidt has been the leading manufacturer of autoharps for many years.

We do not "drop-ship" or "through-ship" any of the autoharps we sell.

Every Oscar Schmidt Autoharp we sell is carefully inspected and optimized

so that you will receive the very best available at an affordable price.

First we inspect all moving parts & make changes & adjustments as needed for optimal play. 

This entails adjustments to bar holder combs, felts, etc. Then we add padding, shim, etc., to insure clean, quick and quiet chord bar action.

We replace the stock springs with special "Light Touch" springs for easy action and less fatigue.

Finally, we arrange the bars to your specifications for the most comfortable play possible.

Our default arrangement of chord bars is the 'Bryan Bowers' style layout, which is easy to play and ergonomically sound. 

Let us know if you would like a different layout. Our goal is to make sure you have the best 'harp possible, and still sell under list prices.

*Check out additons for your new Oscar Schmidt harp at the bottom of this page. *

Or our...

Oscar Schmidt Beginner Packages


OS21C Autoharp

OS21C Classic
Laminated top, laminated back.  Over the years this has been one of Oscar Schmidt's best selling autoharp model.


currently out of stock

More coming soon!

OS73C Autoharp
OS73C 1930's Reissue
Laminated spruce top, mahogany back.  The body style of the Reissue is unique.  It has a very bright sound, and is a bit lighter in weight.


OS45C Autoharp

OS45C Appalachian

Laminated top and back, with instrument grade lamination. 

NOTE: This model does not have fine tuners


OS45CE Appalachian

Includes Installed Pickup

NOTE: This model does not have fine tuners


OS120CE Autoharp


Solid spruce top. Spectacular in design and workmanship, FT600 Fine Tuning System.


currently out of stock


Electric model with a solid spruce top. Active Electric Pick Up.


OS11021AE Autoharp


Ozark, Ovankol top, Solid spruce back, Built in FT600 Fine Tuning System, Satin finish.



Electric model. Active Electric Pick Up.


OS150 Autoharp


FT600 Fine Tuning System. EQ Pickup allows you to plug into any amplifier or PA system.

NOTE: This model does not have fine tuners


If you will be playing in the keys of D & A, you may want us to change three chord bars.  We eliminate the seldom used Ab, Bb7 & Cm, and add Bm (relative minor for D) F#m (relative minor for A) and E (the V chord for A)

Changed on any new Oscar Schmidt- $25.00 

Built in magnetic pickup with internal wiring and side mount 1/4" jack.

Installed on any new Oscar Schmidt- $180.00 

d'Aigle Fine Tuning System Installed

For OS100C, 21C and 21CQ- $250.00


Contact us with any questions:
d’Aigle Autoharps And Folk Instruments
19106 Des Moines memorial Drive S
SeaTac, WA   98148

1-800-630-HARP (4277)